Anthony and Stephen Ragusea

Licensed Psychologists

Please note: after 10 years serving the Keys, Dr. Anthony Ragusea will be closing his practice around the end of July, 2017 and relocating out of state. Records will still be obtainable indefinitely when requested through email. Dr. Anthony Ragusea may continue to conduct evaluations or engage in other professional activities in Florida for some time. Dr. Stephen Ragusea will continue to practice in Key West as before. Thank you!

Your mental health is extremely important. We are the only board certified clinical psychologists in the Florida Keys, and we aim to provide high quality mental health care to children, adults, and families.
We provide a variety of services, including psychotherapy and psychological assessment. Some of the issues we address include depression, anxiety, family conflict, as well as concerns about ADD, learning disorders, head injury, and dementia. Please review our profile pages to better understand the specific services we offer.

When you are ready to make an appointment….
STEP 1 Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll call you back to set up a time for an initial, 50-minute appointment.
We are proud to be your Florida Keys psychologists!
STEP 2 After you make an appointment, save time on the day of your appointment by filling out our initial paperwork online! Click the New Patient Intake link here or in the navigation bar above. A unique password will be sent to your email address to increase security and enable you to come back to the form if you don’t finish it right away.
STEP 3 Use the map below to find us. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment make sure to let us know. We have set aside an hour of time for you, so it is important that we have a chance to give that time to another person if you cannot make it.

1901 Fogarty Ave.
Suite 5
Key West, FL 33040
305-294-2500 (voicemail)


How long is a session?
A: A standard psychotherapy session is 45-50 min. 10-15 min is reserved to give the professional time to document the session, return phone calls, prepare for the next client, etc. We respect your time and make every effort not to be late. Please help us by respecting the time limit for your session. Keep in mind that some insurance companies also set limits on how long of a session they will pay for.

Do you take insurance?
A: We take some limited insurance. We always recommend you check with your insurance first to see if we are covered providers and how much they will cover. If we don’t take your insurance, you may still be able to be reimbursed if your company offers out-of-network benefits, but you will be expected to pay the full fee up front. Please call your insurance company first to find out if you will have a copay or deductible, as we cannot determine that during your session.

Do you take Medicaid?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Will you prescribe me medications?
A: No, we are psychologists, not psychiatrists, and in Florida psychologists are not licensed to prescribe medications. We are happy to work with your physician if that is needed.

How often and for how long will I need to come?
A: Generally speaking we meet with clients once per week, but this can be adjusted depending on your needs. Psychotherapy can last anywhere from one session to years, depending on the nature of the problem. We’re happy to talk about prognosis with you, but most people get the most benefit in 10 to 20 sessions.

What should I bring with me to the first visit?
A: Often nothing is needed, if we are billing your insurance you need to bring your insurance card, otherwise some other form of payment. If you are taking medications, it is often helpful to know what they are so that we know what you’re taking. Depending on the situation, past records including brain scans, neurological reports, previous psychological evaluations, school records, or other relevant records may be helpful to bring.

Do you work with couples? children?
A: Yes!


Don’t want to drive all the way down the Keys to see us? Ask us about video-based psychotherapy, an innovative way of providing care when distances are too great, physical limitations make it too hard to leave the house, when all you need is a quick check-in, for in-home observations, or for other reasons when face-to-face visits are not preferred.

You will need a computer, tablet, or even an iOS or Android enabled smartphone, with a webcam and access to the internet. Using secure software we will protect the privacy of the session no less than if you were in our office. We prefer to use Zoom, a service that we find to be easy to use, private, and provides high quality video.

Please note that this kind of treatment may not be covered by your insurance company. You are encouraged to check first with your insurance provider.


Problems with attention and concentration? Cogmed may be able to help!

What is Cogmed?
Cogmed is a web-based computer program designed to help improve working memory for children
and adults. It is not intended to cure any mental illness, but rather to enhance working memory.
People who may benefit include those with ADD, learning disorders, head injuries, or experiencing
a loss of working memory due to aging. Even people without a working memory impairment may experience an improvement.

What is working memory?
Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. It is a critical function closely related to the attention necessary for a wide range of cognitive (brain) tasks.

Why is working memory important?
  • It is one of the best predictors of academic achievement.
  • 80% of children who scored in the lowest 10% for working memory also experienced substantial problems in math, reading or both.
  • Working memory is commonly impaired in people with ADHD, learning disabilities, and even in about fifteen percent of typical learners.
  • Cogmed can help! In fact 80% of Cogmed users improve their working memory by an average of 30%.

Unlike other “brain-training” programs you may have seen, Cogmed is supported by years of research and is only administered by specially trained, qualified mental health professionals. Cogmed is not a “quick fix” and requires a major time commitment. Typically people will spend 50 min a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks engaged in demanding mental exercises. Dr. Ragusea will follow your progress and can help address problems as they come up. For more information about the program, please visit The video below will introduce you to Cogmed. Please ask us if you are wondering whether Cogmed is likely to help you.

Please note that Cogmed is not a service that we can bill to your insurance company.

Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists (RxP)

What if your psychologist could not only provide high quality psychotherapy and psychological assessment, but could also prescribe or help manage psychotropic medications? Prescribing psychologists exist in only a handful of states, but we think Florida should be next. Prescribing psychologists offer many benefits, including increasing access to care and eliminating the need for additional appointments with a physician. Watch the short video below to learn more about the issue!

Concerned about a friend?
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